Sulfurous Acid

This is currently the most effective electrolyte used in Big Batteries. Each source block of acid touching the side of an Electrode Block increases the Battery maximum capacity by 150 000 000 RF/block (yes, one hundred fifty million, nearly twice the size of an Resonant Energy Cell)

Note: We know, that the acid used in batteries is actually Sulfuric, not Sulfurous. However, the method we implemented in Zetta would rather result in the latter, and that's what we went with.

Step Image
1. Craft a Block of Sulfur
2. Prepare a one-deep 3x3 hole
3. Put the Block of Sulfur in the center spot.
4. Fill the surrounding spaces with source water blocks.
5. Ignite the top of the Block of Sulfur.
6. After a while, collect the 8 surrounding Sulfuric Acid source blocks (the middle one is not bucketable).

For a video tutorial for crafting, check out the spotlight by BrinkTheGamer(skip to 7:20) :